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A Message From Jim Mahan
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April 26th
Bexley Greenway / 8230
Greenway Village Drive/
Charlotte, NC 28269

April 27th
UNCTV Interview

April 29th
Jim Give His Testimony at Westport Baptist Church in Denver, NC

My candidacy to become the 74th Governor of North Carolina is a
commitment to the nine million people of this state.
Together we will
become the model state for the entire nation as we move forward in
our alloted four years. I need and enlist your help in improving and
fixing our state in this time as I will only serve one term.

Let me say to the other candidates who have also offered themselves for
this place at this important crossroad in our future, I commend you for your
willingness to serve as I am sure you are fine people and have positive
ideas for our future. I look forward to meeting you in the primary and run-off
election. Let me assure you there will be no negative campaigning, nor will
there be any negative reactions to what you may say or do. In the event that
the negative occurrs from my campaign, it will end in that track. I will deem
myself unworthy should any negative approach the surface. This campaign
is not running against you, it is running
for the nine million people of this

The above campaign shall work itself in a positive and successful effort to
become your states 74th Governor. Thank you for a wonderful beginning.

Jim Mahan